Justin West is a founding partner in the adventure travel community & company OMX (Ocean & Mountain Explorers). The OMX team created the adventure travel company with a vision to offer surfers, skiers and snowboarders trips with a shared sense of adventure, off the beaten track.


"Clients used to tell me of boat trips feeling like floating hotels with no objection to anchoring up for days on easy to access surf spots crowded with other boats and surfers.....with limited time on a surf trip we make it a priority to find uncrowded line ups, inject that feeling of adventure and discovery even if it costs a little bit extra."   Justin West 


Our 4, air conditioned berths sleep 8 and can be arranged as singles or doubles. The catamaran has a top speed of 28 knots with experienced Captain Norm (formerly the engineer on Sea Shepherd) at the helm.


We are offering up to 8 limited places on board for our trips suitable for intermediate, advanced & elite level surfers with surf coaching and video analysis.  


Destination Southern atolls Maldives 2020

Swell hits the Southern atolls originally generated deep in the Indian Southern Ocean. Due to its size and location, the Southern atolls are the only atolls with full SW-SE exposure. March-Oct is the most consistent swell season with usual 2-6ft (0.6-2m) waves on the most exposed breaks, plus some 6-10ft (2-3m) swells in the depths of the southern hemisphere winter. However, this coincides with the SW monsoon (Hulhangu) and the boats don't operate in the South during the stormy, windy conditions from May-August meaning perfect empty line ups for the adventurer guided by an experienced crew.  The best period is the NE monsoon (Iruvai) for clean and sunny conditions during Feb to April and Sept-Oct. Winds will generally have a NW - NE direction but the monsoon can be early or late, bringing unwelcome SW winds to the transition periods. Any wind from the S to E quadrant kills off all the breaks, especially when it's small. Dec-Jan suffers flat spells but exposure is better than Male Atolls.

2019 FULLy booked. accepting enquiries for 2020

2019 Maldives Dates Availability
February  15 - 28 BOOKED
March 18 - 31st BOOKED
April 1 - 30th BOOKED
May 1 - 31 BOOKED
June 1 - 30


July 1 - 31 


August 1 - 28


September 1 - 30



It's a typical tropical monsoon climate with 2 definite seasons and high yearly rainfall. NE monsoon is the driest period with lighter winds from NW to E. During that period (Dec-March), temps get very hot, sunshine is plentiful, accompanied by high humidity. The SW monsoon brings many storms, so May-Oct is characterised by gusty SW winds and regular rainfall. Consider these points when booking a non A / C boat. A shorty is rarely required as water temps remain around 28-30ºC (82-86ºF), which is boardies, long sleeved lycra and sunhat!



Typical boat trip culture of insane fishing, great snorkelling (no tanks available), surf vids and board games.  Walk around & evening BBQ´s on uninhabited coral islands.



Bring plenty of sun protection in the form of long loose clothing as well as zinc & creams, sunnies & hats.  For surfing bring some old white T-shirts as well as traditional lycra.

dominant swell SE  -SW  SE  -SW  SE  -SW  SE  -SW  SE  -SW  SE  -SW 
swell size (ft) 2-3  2-3 
consistency (%) 60  80  40  40  80  60 
dominant wind N  - W  - SW  - SW  -NW  SW  -NW  W  -
average force F3  F2-F3  F3  F3  F3-F4  F3 
consistency (%) 76  48  71  68  83  47 
water temp (C) 28  29  29  28  28  28 
wetsuit boardshorts boardshorts boardshorts boardshorts boardshorts boardshorts