Surf coaching with all inclusive accommodation between April & September as featured in Carve Surf Magazine movie "Madagasikara".


The Resort Accommodation

You will have all your meals cooked from fresh local organic produce, surf guiding, video analysis coaching & fitness training from pro surf coach Justin West.  


The surf resort offers direct access to a private beach and a variety of perfect waves on the outer reef to suit abilities from improver to elite athletes, just 5 minutes by boat.


Each private bungalow comes with ocean & beach views, private terrace, double bed and a single bed en-suite.


Fully staffed restaurant / bar / video analysis / chill out area perched on top of a hill providing breathtaking 360 degree views of the beach, the bush and the multiple surf line ups breaking on the outer reef.


Availability & booking

Group bookings maximum 8.  Booking is confirmed with full payment.  Book early to get the very best flight prices.  


For further information 2019, price & to book your place please contact us.


2019 Dates Availability
April 1 - 30 Fully Booked
May 1 - 15 Availability
May  15 - 31st Availability
June 1 - 14


June 15 - 27

Fully Booked

July 1 - 11 


July 14 - 31


August 2 - 14


August  13 - 28


September 1 - 15 Availability

The Surf

Measuring 1600km (1000mi) in length and 650km (406mi) across at its widest, Madagascar is the world’s 4th largest island.


A mountainous central ‘spine’ separates the permanently damp east from the drier west and sub-desert south.


Thanks to an difficult access and an exaggerated reputation for sharks found mainly on the East coast and 10 km offshore only a small number sighted close inshore, Madagascar is the surfing worlds biggest secret spot!  With nearly 5000km (3125mi) of coastline, there is huge potential.


Our surf resort local spots have a 270° swell window, facing directly into the SW swells with mainly offshore conditions and 700km (438mi) of varied coral reef to explore. 


The surf resort main reef has five main exclusive surf spots suiting all ability levels.  We can also arrange exploration of new undiscovered spots for surfers wth an adventurous spirit.



A step up for 10-12ft (3-3.6m) conditions

Don't encourage begging by giving money


Be patient, this is one of the last true surfing frontiers

Whats included

  • All inclusive accommodation
  • Healthy food menu & soft drinks 
  • Meet & Greet Tulear Airport to lodge
  • Three or four hours of surfing per day
  • Pro surf coaching with video analysis sessions in the afternoon
  • Private boat to the best surf spots 
  • Sunrise sessions
  • Maximum 8 surfers
  • Supermarket visit for any last minute personal supplies


  • Alcohol (served from our bar)
  • Day trips to the local nature parks
  • Overnight boat trips to other surf spots


  • bring plenty of Ibooks & save plenty of movies
  • bring reef boots, ding repair kits, wax, spare leashes, fins etc
  • Shortie wetsuit for sun rise surfs
  • time slows down on the island!
  • We recommend travel insurance 

When to Go

Low pressure systems moving east, away from South Africa pump swell up and along the Mozambique Channel. SW-facing reefs will receive up to 12ft (4m) surf but most of the quality surf will have to wrap around the NW-facing reefs so SE trades can blow fully offshore.  From April to September, expect regular swells producing 4-12ft (1.2-4m).


Unlike the rest of Madagascar, the tide factor rises in the Mozambique Channel and can reach 6ft (2m) on spring tides, which is enough to bring the live coral close to the surface and cause slow navigation at low tide in the lagoon.


Ethical program

Your custom helps contribute to the surf resort building & supplying a new school project in the neighbouring village.  Upon request we can arrange a visit for you to meet the local kids.


To help maintain equilibrium in the village we ask all our clients not to tip or give any money to the local villagers.  Should you wish to contribute to the local people you are more than welcome to contribute to the village fund that assists locals with medical issues, sponsoring the school project and providing sanitary infrastructure for the well being of the whole village community.


Waves for Water

We have also worked alongside the charity to provide a water filtration system to our local village well providing sanitary clean water accessible to the whole village.



This is the driest region of Madagascar. Tulear with an average of 36cm (14”in) rainfall makes it the junction between a tropical west coast and the desert south. The southern regions (Vezo, Antandroy) show a bushy kind of vegetation, with spiny desert and unique flora varieties: baobab-like plants, thickets, euphorbias, didiereaceas, aloes and bottle trees. The dry season lasts 9 months from March to Nov and even during summer. Ifaty is rather shrubby with grassy savannahs, palm trees and tamarind trees fed by muddy rivers in the estuaries, deltas and mangroves. During winter, air temps hover around 28°C (82°F), while the water temps rarely dip below 23ºC (75ºF), but take a shorty for windy days.



Wild ringtail lemurs live near St Augustin Bay, where a visit to the Sarodrano Cave is a must. Active travellers spending a night in Tulear have to check the local clubs (an open mind is required) and dance the Minotsobe. Bird watching in Anakao and awesome forest hikes around Ifaty.  Also some good dive sites.


How to get there

Air France fly direct to Antananarivo Airport from Paris CDG, we recommend overnight accommodation in Antananarivo and a short internal flight the following morning with Madagascar Air to Tuleur Airport.

dominant swell S  -SE  S  -SE  S  -SE  S  -SE  S  -SE  S  -SE 
swell size (ft) 3-4  4-5  5-6  2-3 
consistency (%) 30  70  80  70  60  40 
dominant wind SE  - SE  - SE  - E  - E  - SE  -
average force F4  F4  F4  F4  F4  F4 
consistency (%) 51  63  54  73  72  54 
water temp (C) 27  27  25  23  24  26 
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