What is the best way to reach the boat?

Fly to Kuala Lumpar and then get a flight to Padang.


Our ground staff will meet you on arrival and transfer you to hotel/boat.


Do I need a visa to visit Indonesia?

For visits of 30 days or less you can get a visa on arrival for USD$25 PAY BY CASH ONLY. 


I'm not a great surfer can I still join on a trip?

Most of the areas we visit have a variety of waves of varying degrees of difficulty. They nearly all break over coral reef which means very few are suited to complete beginners. That being said you by no means need to be a great surfer. We do our best to find waves to suit the groups ability, if your able to catch unbroken waves and ride along the face then you should be ok. 


What is your Cancellation Policy?

Please check our terms & conditions.


Do you have a satellite phone?

We do have a satellite phone the number is: +8821676062063.  This phone is always on, however, it is for emergency use only.  Mobile coverage is sometimes available so it is common to get mobile access several times during a charter to check in at home.


Do I need travel insurance?

Travel insurance with medical evacuation cover is essential please ensure you have this in place before arriving or you will not be able to board.


Should I take Malaria tablets?

As you are on a boat it is rare to be exposed to Mosquitoes, however, a small risk still exists.  We find that repellant is often sufficient but check in with your doctor for latest advice.


What type of food is served?

On Jiwa we serve a mixture of healthy Western and Indonesian food which has been put together by our experienced chef and tweaked by Euge to ensure you always eat really well during your time onboard. If you have any special dietary requirements please let us know at time of booking.