Welcome to OVA.


If a picture can paint a thousand words, what are the capabilities of surf video analysis?


Imagine a powerful way for you to review your surfing performance with analysis, feedback and drill setting from an experienced professional surf coach.


OVA or Online Video Analysis opens up the world of professional surf coaching to surfers of all abilities. If your ambition is to take your surfing to the next level then book an OVA session with pro surf coach Justin West.


  1. Collate up to 60 seconds video of your surfing
  2. Complete OVA BOOKING FORM
  3. Wetransfer video file to jw@justinwestcoaching.com
  4. JW will view your video and reply with payment instructions
  5. Or, request more video of certain aspects of your surfing or movement.
  6. Pay €60 and receive a link to your personal online surf coaching video with technical analysis, drills, goal setting and physical training tips.