powerful surfing from training with justin west coaching
Joackim Guichard levante
Surf strength training


with Joackim Guichard pro surfer


Strength | Power | Endurance | Flexibility | Injury prevention & rehabilitation for surfers of all abilities.


Joackim and I worked to increase power through his turns using olympic bar lifts & various leg and core work.  We also used high intensity boxing sessions to increase endurance, explosion & control through the legs, hips, core & arms.


Joackim is naturally a very strong and powerful professional athlete he works hard developing his flexibility through yoga and considers nutrition another factor to athletic ability.


Improve your surfing performance with supported personal training programs.

Personal training plans

PERSONAL TRAINING PLANS with Abdullah Kabbani 

Gulfseries pro racing car driver


With training advice, motivation and support plans I can ensure your workout is working for you.  


I offer clients support and personalised training plans in person or via email, Skype or FaceTime media, monitoring progress and ensuring you are focusing on the right form of exercise.


Surf fitness training for competition
Surf fitness & training for professional surfers


with Miguel Mouzinho competitive surfer & athlete


I have been training Mozzi for several months in the gym with general strength, conditioning and specific core & leg work.  


We wanted to focus on keys areas before the Portuguese contests commence.

  • power through turns
  • landing airs & big re-entries
  • injury prevention
  • endurance

I also wanted to ensure whole body interaction with specific core rotation and whole body movements .