Elite & Advanced Level Surfers

If you are motivated to transition your surfing as WQS or a free surfer, JWC has designed the right coaching concepts for you.  


Only recently have pro WCT athletes like Frederico Morais & John John Florence started reaping the benefits of a full time coach.  Justin West with 20 years surf coaching experience also draws from his background & education in other professional sports.  JWC coaching strategy unifies technical surfing, physical training & competition tactics.


Currently Justin West is working with professional Portuguese ranked surfer Leonor Fragoso on her first full year on the WQS.  


Other athletes include pro surfers Miguel Mouzinho, Joackim Guichard and U16/U14 regional champ Micheal Conlan.


Join us either in the Algarve on one of our surf trips, elite | advanced level training camps at Madagascar Surf Lodge our luxury world ocean going catamaran or in Ericeira, Portugal.

Guided by the coach you will learn:

  • Competition strategy
  • Correct physical training specific to you
  • WQS Strategy & logistics
  • How to analyse video to help others improve their surfing
  • Managing fear pushing boundaries
  • How to clearly identify & implement technique changes

Whats included: 

  • At least three hours of coaching per day 
  • Transport to the best & uncrowded Algarve or Ericeira surf spots
  • Coaching on our luxury catamaran 
  • Coaching in Madagascar Surf Lodge
  • Contest support
  • Athlete & Sponsorship management
  • Video analysis sessions
  • Competition & heat video analysis
  • Physical training sessions