Surf Coaching Intermediate levels

Intermediate can mean anything from a few weeks, to a few decades of surfing experience.  Surfing improvement requires perfecting each progressive step and after an initial assessment we learn immediately where to focus your first session with us.  


For example, a common area for improvement is the pop up or 1,2,3 method.  If your feet are not locating in the correct place consistently you feel unstable and the arms or upper body leans to counter balance, similar to an infant learning to stand.  


Increased drill repetition of correct stand up technique creates muscle memory, foot placement precision and "familiarity"  The reason why we don't wobble around and think about standing as adults.


At an entry intermediate level you should be able to comfortably stand on the board, focus on catching unbroken or green waves, visualise specific wave selection, have a basic understanding of etiquette and know how to confidently and safely deal with your surfboard in critical situations.  However at this stage you may need in water assistance with paddling out, positioning, wave selection and a coach giving you greater confidence on the peak in more critical conditions.


Later intermediate surfers can consistently catch head high waves without assistance, are able to generate speed and commit to turns on the open wave face .


At this stage most of the coaching uses a video camera, beach drills & interval feedback sessions allowing you to see what you are doing on the face and your body dynamics through manoeuvres.


What to expect & where to surf?

See our surf trip & surf coaching destinations to find out where you would like to join a coaching trip with us in the Algarve, Ericeira or our ocean going catamaran.


What you will learn

  • Paddling technique; endurance & power
  • Ocean knowledge & surf forecasting/prediction
  • Surf spot analysis & wave prediction
  • Efficient, agile stand up technique
  • Compression
  • Line ups, positioning, priorities, rules & etiquette
  • Generating speed, drawing different lines in different conditions
  • Dropping the wave; angle take offs, bottom turns, mid face turns
  • Trimming, re-entry to bottom turns, vertical top turns and cut backs

What's included

  • Transport for each day to the best surf spot for this program
  • VIDEO ANALYSIS sessions where necessary to help you visualise technique
  • Guidance from one of the highest qualified coaches worldwide.

Optional extras