Justin West after managing and coaching for several surf schools in the Algarve, Cornwall & Africa decided that he could offer more to his clients.  

Surf schools are great at teaching beginners, in large fun groups on popular beaches, but if you wish to progress to the next levels you need specialist qualified coaching.  


This can only be achieved in small exclusive groups or private coaching using expert knowledge of local surf spots and the latest video analysis techniques.  Video analysis is crucial for surfers to see exactly where they can improve and only an experienced & qualified coach can implement the necessary strategies. 




Surfboard test centre €25 per day




We are now offering a new range of surfboards from our test centre, for all our surf guide & surf coaching clients.  


Forget expensive airline transport costs, try a new top brand surfboard with feedback on its suitability for you, from a pro surf coach.


Surfboard test centre equipment is not included in the price but charged at an extra €25 per day.


Please note if you damage a new board you are liable for its repair or replacement.