Intermediate levels surf coaching with video analysis



If you've been surfing for some time and you're not progressing, it's probably because no one has ever shown you correct technique.


Designed as an introduction to surfing the unbroken "green waves" it is recommended but not necessary that you have completed at least 5 days of the beginner/improver course.


What you will learn:

  • Paddling technique; endurance & power
  • Ocean knowledge & surf forecasting/prediction
  • Surf spot analysis
  • Line ups, positioning, priorities, rules & etiquette
  • Dropping the wave; angle take offs, bottom turns, mid face turns
  • Trimming, bottom turns, top turns and cut backs

What's included?

  • Transport for each day to the best surf spot for this program
  • VIDEO ANALYSIS sessions to help you visualise technique issues
  • Guidance from one of the highest qualified coaches in the Algarve 
  • Surfboard & wetsuit

Optional extras: