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Justin West Coaching offers professional video surf coaching from intermediate and advanced level surfers to elite competition athletes. Operating from Portugal  JWC offers surf coaching & guided surf adventures to the Algarve, Ericeira and new from 2023, the Alentejo.


Using the very best film technology and teaching methods developed over 28 years of professional coaching and a Post Graduate Degree in Education, JWC seeks the best waves and the best locations for his clients. Accelerated learning curves and smiles are the standard. JWC is proud of the positive client reviews.

video surf coaching Algarve Marlon Lipke Gony Zubizarreta
Video surf coaching sessions with Gony Zubizarreta & Marlon Lipke


If you are motivated to accelerate your professional surfing goals or an experienced surfer just wishing to boost ability levels contact Justin West Coaching.


JWC includes technical coaching with the very best filming & photographic equipment supporting your content generation, competition strategic support, heat video analysis, sports psychology, movement analysis, mobility, strength and conditioning training programs.


Athletes include pro surfers Miguel Mouzinho, Joackim Guichard, championship tour surfer Marlon Lipke, WQS surfers Gony Zubizarreta, Leonor Fragoso, Mexican Jnr Champion Valeria Peconi, Micheal Conlan, British women's champ Lucy Campbell, Philipp Oepen & 4x Dutch champ Mirna Boelsma.  


Video surf coaching sessions can be arranged in the Algarve, Ericeira and the Alentejo Portugal. Sign up to the newsletter for news on Justin West Coaching.

intermediate surf coaching surf lessons Algarve Ericeira
Maximum 4 intermediate surfers per surf lesson


Justin West Coaching provides clear, individualised learning objectives & strategies, concise feedback, sensitive motivational support, muscle memory drills and the very best video analysis equipment for small exclusive groups of up to 4 surfers. With expert knowledge of the Portugals surf spots you will be sure to find the very best waves available for your learning progression and surfing enjoyment.


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