Time to relax, rest up, eat and focus on some heat strategy.  The contest set up looks amazing the warm up days were full of good surf with a good quality swell running.  Unfortunately the first day of contest the waves were not contestable.  Better opportunity later this week to see how good this wave works.


When the swell was running, a really nice racy take off not really a high scoring barrel section more of a float section working to some nice lip sections to hit around the corner.  Occasional bigger sets will swing wide with a much slower carving face forming to a nice inside wall.  Under analysis we have seen competitors in the prelims pushing each other too deep and sectioning the wave looking to go.  We also noticed the medium sized waves created a better shape as the previous wave drains the inside reef.


The call for the girls event is at 1100hrs tomorrow Leonor is in heat 5 and you can watch it live on this link