Slightly windy conditions this morning with a junky swell that actually resulted in good conditions for training WQS athletes.  


Valeria stood out with some good vertical front side attack of the lip.  Valeria is working on getting the board vertical & breaking the fins out the back of the wave or sliding them off the top of the lip.  Having a wave that does a similar thing over and over again allows for this repetition of technique.  Repetition = learning.


@madagascarsurflodge perfect environment for improving your surf from improver to elite athletes.  Healthy diet, early nights & consistent surf.


Photo credits Rita Durães

Back to the beach and straight into a High Intensity Interval Training session.  Sprints, rest periods, leaps, multiple squats per minute and explosive movements.  The beach HIIT sessions are designed to increase cardio vascular endurance and with a leg focus to help with surfing compression.


surfers: Leonor Fragoso, Portugal & Valeria Peconi, Italy/Mexico Jnr Champion