we make that list but how often do we stick to it?

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Leading light in the darkness hahahahah

I am a happy, positive person although I have not always been this way, through trial and error, through pain and a bit of suffering I have found what works for me;

  • Self discipline for me is key to everything else
  • Be dedicated & motivated & prepared for change
  • Do the things that others don't want to do
  • Reduce material possession - I am always much freer and less stressed without clutter, grasping, fixing or holding. 
  • Be original don't be afraid to follow your own path as long as your heart is full of good intention
  • Surround yourself with positive, interesting & motivated people
  • Refrain from ALL intoxicants; you don't need them if you live a satisfied whole existence.  You will always lose they will always win.
  • Stop watching TV; this device corrupted, manipulated and infested my free thought for years.
  • Walk more often and leave the car at home - whilst walking my mind is super active and alert.
  • Immerse yourself in nature as often as you can.
  • Consume organic, locally produced, non packaged, no GMO food - one of the many reasons I now live in Portugal.
  • Take a back seat - sometimes its good to sit back and listen to friends or watch the world go on around you.
  • Think more local, act more local - supporting my fellows, a good word here, directing people there always works.  Banging your head against the walls around international politics is pointless; be the seeds of change.
  • Seek out visionaries of the future - change will come and those who adapt quickest will thrive and be able to help others.
  • Keep physical exercise & activity a priority in your life - you will never regret a healthier life.
  • Encourage, Support and be the facilitator of positivity in those around you
  • Be compassionate but distance yourself from those that act or talk about others in a negative way
  • Give people your views on how to make their lives happier, more content they will pretend not to listen but they actually will.
  • Seek knowledge & learn new things; with the internet it is possible to study subjects & interests without ever paying a University fee, after all who cares about a degree certificate, education is truly free.