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Kelly Slater Ocean Warrior

Kelly Slater talks about his commitment to ocean conservation.

Beautiful film from Kelly Slater and Outerknown, discussing both Slater’s and the brand’s concern for our ocean & its connectivity to all our lives. 


Outerknown is doing its part to raise awareness and funds for Ocean Conservancy, donating 100% of the sale of their It’s Not OK t-shirts to the organization.


They are asking people to share their stories of ocean pollution, using #itsnotok to compile them.  Get involved take a picture or tell a story of your local ocean environment.


Outerknown Spring 2017 Collection
Click on link to see Outerknown Spring 2017 Collection

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Kelly Slaters Outerknown brand aspires to engage with civil society, governments, the private sector, and peers to affect systemic change of labor and environmental challenges in countries where we live and work.