Your surf adventure starts here

Surfing has grown in popularity with surf camps and surf schools world wide.


Surf tourism gives greater access for people to enjoy the thrill of riding waves but can lead to over crowding in the line up at popular surf spots.  Surf experience providers capitalise financially but often give poor service and somewhere in this mix the true spirit of surf adventure in sterilised.


JWC.SURF have designed surf trips to our surf resort in Madagascar, aboard our world ocean going luxury catamaran, the Algarve & Ericeira in Portugal.

Each trip we include professional surf coaching and/or surf guiding and place great importance in finding uncrowded waves to match your surfing ability.


Our aim is to help you feel that you are joining our community for a unique shared adventure, teaching you the techniques to help maximise your surfing experience.

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surf coaching Ericeira

ericeira surf trips


What should I bring on the trips?

  • All Travel Documents: Passports, Airline tickets, Travel Insurance Information, Itineraries with photocopies kept separately.
  • Travel Insurance covering surfing & Medi-Vac ESSENTIAL
  • Visa for Madagascar & Indonesia ensure you have some cash Euros, US dollars or Stirling to pay the local tax & visa, its not very much money.
  • Please note that facilities for Visa & MasterCard are limited.
  • 2/3 SurfBoards (2 go to surfboards)
  • Day bags & board socks we recommend JAM TRACTION.
  • Min 2 x leg rope
  • Reef Booties optional
  • T-shirts
  • bikinis & board shorts 
  • Long loose pants & shirt
  • Long/short sleeve rash vests
  • Surf wax
  • Spare fins & keys, leash cords & leashes
  • Sunscreen / Zinc & lip balm 50+ ESSENTIAL
  • Sunglasses
  • iPod/Music & headphones
  • Insect repellent
  • Sun hat
  • Toiletries
  • Rain jacket (Lightweight)
  • Books & magazines
  • Camera, chargers and adapters
  • Personal Medications, first aid kit
  • Snorkel, mask, swim fins as the free diving is amazing. 
  • Decent level of physical fitness to get the most out of your trip!
  • A happy positive attitude!



What happens each day?

Surf coaching is up to three hours per day and includes video analysis where appropriate.  You are welcome to free surf outside of coaching hours.  Surf coaching timing is dependent on the very best conditions to suit surfers level.


What is your Cancellation Policy?

Please check our terms & conditions.

What is the best way to reach the boat?

Details of which airport we recommend will be given at time of booking enquiry.  Our ground staff will meet you on arrival and transfer you to the boat.


Do I need a visa?

For boat trips & Madagascar visits of 30 days or less you can normally purchase a visa for cash at the arrivals airport.  Portugal most countries are granted a tourist visa but be sure to check most recent updates.


I'm not a great surfer can I still join on a trip?

Most of the areas we visit have a variety of waves of varying degrees of difficulty. They nearly all break over coral reef which means very few are suited to complete beginners.  Unless you book an Algarve surf trip where our partnering school will help you grasp the basics over more forgiving sandy beaches.


We do our best to find waves to suit your ability, if your able to catch unbroken waves and ride along the face then you should be ok. 


Do you have a satellite phone?

We have satellite phone aboard for emergencies.  3G sim cards can also be purchased in Tulear airport Madagascar and in the Maldives.


Mobile 3G coverage is often available so it is common to get mobile access several times during a a surf trip to check in at home.


Do I need travel insurance?

Travel insurance with medical evacuation cover is essential please ensure you have this in place before arriving and that your insurance company is aware that you are surfing.


Should I take Malaria tablets?

On our boat it is rare to be exposed to Mosquitoes, in Madagascar surf lodge they are also rare, however, a small risk still exists.  We find that repellant is often sufficient but check in with your doctor for latest advice.


What type of food is served?

Our menus have been designed by a qualified nutritionist using only natural and local produce.  If you have any special dietary requirements please let us know at time of booking.