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29. March 2019
Physical fitness is a key factor that will take your surfing to the #nextlevel for all levels of surfer, from beginner to elite athletes. In this article we discuss base level fitness. Be sure to watch the short video of some of Marlons training sessions.

26. September 2018
Ever thought of a surf trip to Madagascar? With a variety of quality uncrowded waves perfect place to help develop your surf technique with an experienced guide and coach Justin West.

05. August 2018
Valeria, just 17 trained so hard in April and May during our WQS training camp in Madagascar with our other athlete Leonor Fragoso, preparing for her first year as a pro surf athlete on the WQS.

10. July 2018
Surfing in its purest form is the feeling of freedom and happiness riding ocean waves. You don't have to ride a branded high-performance surfboard or wear the latest wetsuit as the Madagascar local crew remind us at Befasy Point.

21. January 2018
High Intensity Interval Training when the beach conditions are poor Hiit the gym.