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Surf video coaching started for me 20 years ago on a terrible video camera left running on the beach whilst I snagged a few waves. My ability level was low, I was so determined to improve my surfing level. I would try everything from owning 40 surfboards, surfing everyday, growing organic vegetables, spearfishing and yoga.


What really worked for me was analysing video of my stance and visualising drills to help improve technique. I certainly don’t have any natural surfing ability. I am only able to surf from the hard work ethic & hours I used to put in the water surfing terrible conditions.


I have since attended most of the available surf courses provided by the different surf associations and federations and what I found hugely rewarding was learning how to teach by studying a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. By learning how people learn I could share what I was discovering in my surf experimentation.


Surfing a wave you do not want to “overthink” even if you had the time. You don’t need to be “reactive” but pre-empt your manoeuvres. You need instinctive flow built by repetition of movement and an understanding of wave formation that can only be learnt by immersing yourself in every imaginable surf condition (for your ability) for as long as possible and experimenting with multiple surfboard shapes. Yes, as a coach I can open the doors of perception but the student must walk the long road of understanding the ocean. Where a coach can directly help is by showing you how your body moves in time & space and how your body transitions from one movement through to the next. By making fine adjustments through guided repetition movement drills, skills are built gradually on strong foundations.


I used to envy surf athletes abilities that I coached but have since grown to accept that my place is now to help others meet their surfing goals and from this I find much greater satisfaction.

justin west coaching | JWC

JWC offers surf video coaching sessions from intermediate to elite level athletes in the Algarve, Ericeira, Maldives aboard a surf coaching boat charter and soon the Açores.


Sessions need to be booked in advance as places are limited. Justin only coaches small intimate groups of maximum four surfers a session to enable individualisation of feedback.


Video and photos of your coaching are provided post session with written support material summarising your personal coaching objectives with suggested drills and exercises to improve learning outcomes.


For more information about surf video coaching sessions please #CLICK2RIP the button below.