physical training FOR SURFING


A solid fitness base is an essential factor for surfers maximisation of surf coaching sessions, particularly surfers that don't get regular ocean time. Knowing Colin Byrne (Team McGregor Primary Trainer) for many years, JWC was excited to  learn that Conor McGregor and the McGregorFast team have created a training APP available to all.. JWC believes this will seriously boost client physical conditioning before surf coaching sessions.


The McGregor FAST App. 

Download the app to take on your fitness transformation with the focus, dedication, and training of Conor McGregor.

"The McGregor FAST system of training was developed to push one of the world’s most elite athletes past his physical limits. Together with his team of leading doctors and sports scientists, Conor created a program designed to transform his body and compete at the highest levels. Now, that program is available to you."


Justin West Coaching is in partnership with Ruben Francisco MSc PhD, Exercise Physiologist at the great gym facility below the new 58Surf Shop in Ericeira. The idea behind this service is JWC & Ruben will analyse your coaching video clips together, providing mobility & training consultations to boost your athletic surfing performance.


Consultations and personal training sessions can be booked with Ericeira surf coaching plans. For further information and bookings please hit the #Click2Rip button below. 

"Ruben works with top surf athletes, I have really noticed the benefits translated into their surfing manoeuvres & agility. I think this is an excellent offering to surf coaching clients of all ability levels". JWC

"I firmly believe most of us only tap into 40% of our capabilities. Anyone can follow a path, push past pain, demolish fear, and reach their full potential." JWC

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