surf coaching julia heijmans

Watch this space, Julia is a serious young athlete hailing from the Netherlands. She started her athletics career in Taekwondo reaching a very high level and took this same ability of learning movement in time and space to surfing. JWC always recommends young athletes have a broad base of sports interests it helps athletes adapt to different learning processes and movement signals.


Our first training camp was based in the Algarve where we had a number of days surfing competitive waves. I noticed immediately Julias intense focus and efforts to work with the program. We worked a great deal on creating a solid stance profile and foot placement and speed generation to enable more dynamic vertical turns.


After travelling a few European competitions and training camps she returned to JWC in spring for some epic point break waves in Ericeira. The main coaching objectives of this training camp was flow and connecting multiple utility turns to enable speed and projection into high point scoring turns. Ribeira is a perfect canvas for drawing carving back side cutbacks to set up for a steeper inside wall section. The next stage was for Julia to hold the compression in her bottom turns and correct projection line to a more vertical attack and to fully rebound off the whitewater / critical section. 


As always she worked very hard and was always motivated to perform. I look forward to future sessions and supporting her athletic aspirations.