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04. July 2019
JWC team riders training camp with Leonor Fragoso, Lucy Campbell & Justin West Coaching. A chance to work on surf technique, flexibility, breathing, mind centering, yoga & meditation with Elly

04. March 2017
Is cold water surfing good for you? Wim Hof nicknamed "The Iceman" for his ability to withstand extreme cold, is the holder of 20 Guinness World Records for withstanding extreme temperatures.

09. February 2017
JWC discusses the future of wave pools in the sport of surfing, its potential in the Olympics 2020. Opening up the sport to wakeboarders & snowboarders by removing the need to paddle in and effectively changing the surfboard design with the potential to using foot straps.

powerful surfing from training with justin west coaching
13. January 2017
There are many myths circulating the weight training world; one of the most popular is that higher rep rates (or the number of times you lift a given weight) and lower weight leads to a more "ripped" and defined physique. I have listed some key points to introduce to your "cutting regime". Make sure to eat every 3 hours, and in moderate quantities. This way you will keep the feeling of hunger at bay and feel more satisfied, so that you won’t exaggerate your food intake. Remember that to...

05. December 2016
There is always "that guy or girl" in the line up that seems to effortlessly paddle in to the best set waves and is consistently in the right spot! Locally to where I surf it is usually my buddy Miguel Mouzinho, his wave count in an average session is incredible, even after a serious knee operation. How does he do it? How can you increase your own wave count? More waves more improvement more fun. From my experience coaching intermediate to advanced level surfers the key area to increase wave...

11. August 2015
Two hours farming, six hours surfing with Luca Guichard & San Pindsle and an HiiT post surf work out; we deserved a dinner out with our buddy San and a special vitamin juice smoothie thanks to Luis from Agua Salgada in Sagres! We had plenty of footage on the video camera today but it will be necessary to cut & edit, surf was small but with the occasional doubling up of a wave with some good shape. Key learning & coaching objectives: You think you don't have any more energy; you...