justin west coaching notes.....

Two hours farming, six hours surfing with Luca Guichard & San Pindsle and an HiiT post surf work out; we deserved a dinner out with our buddy San and a special vitamin juice smoothie thanks to Luis from Agua Salgada in Sagres! 

We had plenty of footage on the video camera today but it will be necessary to cut & edit, surf was small but with the occasional doubling up of a wave with some good shape.

Key learning & coaching objectives:

  1. You think you don't have any more energy; you actually do.
  2. Slow the body movements, focus on the breathing, less frantic try find the speed with the rail and projection through turns.
  3. If things are not going so well; take a break, come out, re-assess, make a better wave strategy.
  4. Re-enter the wave with more giving/flexible compressed at the knees.