Training & exercise is very simple. There is no magic routine, no short cuts (legal anyway), and no wonder product that will do the work for you.


We live in a material world where everybody is a professional with a responsibility to earn value for their knowledge and companies wish to make a profit selling you the dream product.  I get this. But let me tell you straight, all you need is discipline and focus. Discipline and focus you already own.


With consistent incremental fitness gains you will reach your goal of a healthier, happier existence. The discipline to control the urge to eat too much of the wrong foods, we all know what they are and we all suffer the same cravings, more of less. The discipline to move your body. The discipline to get up a little earlier in the morning and bang out a movement exercise, can be 25 pop ups or simply a fast paced dog walk. Work to your comfort zone and just a little bit more, and then a little bit more over time.


Discipline will get you to bed earlier, to not have one too many bottles of beer. Discipline will take you on a new journey, discover new skills, new sports & activities, new friends and new adventures. Start small, remember its incremental fitness gains.


We live in a body that for millions of years evolved to survive starvation by pushing our physical limits, maximising our nutritional intake during lean hard times. The modern world of "convenience" is abundant with food of little nutritional value that is delivered to our door when our bodies and stress levels are shouting to run on the plains, hunt or gather seeds. As always it is about seeking a balance and applying discipline.