I wrote this on the plane on the way to Madagascar;

"So we have a unique opportunity away from distraction to focus on some important truths in our lives. We can learn from each other, set examples for each other. Confirm our directions and reinforce them by resting the mind, focussing, breathing and contemplating what is important to us. I hope we all take from this a greater clarity of direction with some tools to help us focus."


The idea of the training camp is not only to train surfing technique but to centre the mind and brainstorm ways as an athlete how to deal with some of the more practical side of travelling the globe on the WQS as brand ambassadors. How to balance commitments to sponsors, travelling and training. How to maximise each team riders "authentic value" to their sponsors. 


Gone are the days when a surfer could get paid just to put a sticker on their surfboard, occasionally smile for the camera and rip on the North shore.

"Madagascar the ideal escape from distraction."


These days team riders have to work, its a full time job, takes creativity and dedication to provide authentic content for the respective sponsors.


Surfing has become much more competitive and even more competitive to win brand support to be able to afford a career as a pro surfing athlete. An athlete must find time to balance physical training, sponsor commitments and surf coaching.


Madagascar provides an ideal escape from distraction with a handful of great waves everyday to train. Thanks to Elly from Swell.Yoga helping us to recover, relax and helping us to listen to our inner calm so we can feel more directed through the clutter!