Movement Ginásio Aqui Treina Se, Lagos
Movement Ginásio Aqui Treina Se, Lagos

There's an interesting fact of existence: the pull of entropy.

I have read a few articles and comments recently about the type of physical training for the sport of surfing. Some detailed, many based in abstract reality and most fundamentally flawed. I prefer always to keep things simple, with simplicity comes flexibility & quick adaptability. The key thing is to move and consistently move. Move, move, move. Consistency, consistency consistency.


Ultimate training for surf, sport or military program can be divided into four categories. Within these sections it must be individualised, dependent on age, health, sport, muscle memory etc etc. There is no quick fix, there is no wonder app and there is no group class that can achieve the necessary functions (although they could effectively serve a part of the process).


Fitness foundation - General Physical Preparedness

Progressive Overload - gradual increase in weight, volume, intensity, frequency or time training

Sports specific skill - finely tuning your adaption energy, movement & stimuli to a specific sport/activity

Recovery & Nutrition - extremely important.


Following articles I will discuss in more detail what I mean by the above statements....but firstly just simply move.


When applied to our lives, our bodies, and our health, the universe is constantly pulling us into disorder, chaos, and misalignment. And that the more complex the construct, the more moving parts it has, the more things can go wrong. 


In other words, things fall apart (ever read that book?). If you leave a car out on the front drive for five years, it will rust, start to break, and become in-operational. The same thing happens to just about everything. Your muscles weaken without use. Without active and frequent opposition, your muscles will atrophy. Bedrest isn't rest. Rather than speed up recovery, it hastens demise.


What opposes entropy?


Well, it's movement. Simply driving that same car will keep it in better condition than if you let it sit. Moving the muscle, preferably against resistance, keeps it healthy. 



Movement towards a goal.

Movement through space and time.

Move it or lose it.

Motion is lotion. 


"Stuck in a rut?" Movement gets you out.


The common denominator is movement. Whether it's physical movement or metaphorical movement, movement is key to opposing entropy. 


This seems foundational. 


What do you think? Is movement key to everything in life?